MATECO Drilling Company offers a full-line of drilling equipment and trained, experienced personnel to tackle any of your drilling requirements. By combining our state-of-the-art equipment with our vast knowledge and experience, you can be assured of timely and accurate sampling.

Areas of Expertise

Geotechnical Drilling: Includes soil sampling, rock coring, pump-in permeability testing, instrumentation installation and in-situ testing.

Environmental Drilling: Includes monitoring wells, extraction wells, decontamination, vertical water sampling, SVE wells and sparge wells, well rehabilitation and pump tests.

Geoprobe Drilling: Includes chemical injection, soil and water sampling, pre-packed well installation ASTM (D6725) and sparge well installation by using a direct-push drilling method.

Rotary Sonic: Geoprobe’s track mounted, mid-size 8140 DT Rotary Sonic rig has impressive power in a compact package.

Support Services

Each drilling project we undertake is unique in its own way, with many requiring specialty support services. From voids and underground storage tank detection to locating and unobtrusively exposing underground utilites, MATECO Driling has the support equipment and expertise to perform a variety of non-destructive tasks, regardless of the complexity.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR): A non-destructive investigative tool that has the capabilities to assist in utility location, void detection/location, UST investigations, pavement/slab thickness and location of rebar, conduit and tension cables.

Hydraulic Profile Tool (HPT):  HPT allows the user to create fast, continuous, real-time profiles of soil hydraulic properties in both fine- and coarse-grained material.

Vacuum Excavation: A service for exposing utilities or other buried underground objects prior to drilling or excavation.