Rotary Sonic Drilling

MATECO Drilling is pleased to announce the addition of Rotary Sonic drilling to the list of services for our clients. Geoprobe’s 8140 DT Rotary Sonic drill, equipped with the Geoprobe GV-4 sonic head and powered by a 120 hp engine, incorporates the latest in sonic drilling technology. The primary benefits of sonic drilling technology are its rapid drilling rates combined with reduced volumes of waste.

This is considered a mid-size sonic rig which enables MATECO Drilling to ensure the least amount of disturbance to surrounding areas.

For your project’s eco-sensitive environmental drilling needs, contact MATECO Drilling, offering continuing “Groundbreaking Solutions.”

Equipped with remote control, the 8140 DT Rotary Sonic Drill:

Is built on tracks, leaving a smaller footprint than larger tire-driven rigs

Holds a water tank and tooling, which are conveniently stored in racks carried by the 8140 DT. This is efficient for sonic drilling operations and requires fewer trips across precious land

Has high capacity that easily advances 4×6 tooling of the Duel Tube 45 Geoprobe direct push sampling system, essential to obtain the samples you need

Geo probe 8140 DT Sonic Rig. Monitoring well instillation
Minimal footprint sonic drilling
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