MM2 Marsh Master

Amphibious capability

High productivity

High mobility

Light weight and low environmental impact

When your project involves wetlands, marshes or ponds, MATECO can provide a solution to these challenging conditions and assist you with making your difficult project successful. MATECO’s Marsh Master (MM-2) is a fully amphibious track rig with the capability of carrying personnel and equipment through stump filled swamps, floating marsh, peat bogs, as well as deep water crossings. An internal pontoon designed within a unique rubber belt track system makes for a very stable and high floating machine. The floating load capacity of the MM-2 is 1300 lbs. Our MM-2 is rigged with a Geoprobe 420M, vibra core or CPT for discrete soil sampling in wetland environments. The many advantages of this combination, that make it a great solution for problems traditionally associated with Geotechnical or environmental work in wetland areas includes:

Marsh Master
Marsh master in wetlands sediment sampling
Sediment sampling in river/lake/water
Sediment sampling in backwater areas.

MM-2 Features & Attachments

The MM-2 has an all welded aluminum body. Standard features include a front mounted hydraulic winch and an auxiliary hydraulic tool circuit capable of running a variety of specialty attachments, such as:

Geoprobe 420M



Ponar (25 and 50 lb.) samplers.

Because the MM-2 can go through terrains that limit other track or wheel type equipment, it is often used by utility companies, contractors, surveyors, municipal/government agencies and engineering consultants. Contact us today to see how the MM-2 can fit your project needs.

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