Environmental Test Drilling

Today, more than ever, our company recognizes the importance of maintaining and appreciating our environment, not only for us today, but for future generations to come. MATECO Drilling is one of the most trusted companies that provides environmental drilling services throughout Michigan and the Midwest. Our environmental drilling practices will provide clean, accurate samples to determine the existence of any contaminates in soil or groundwater. To meet the needs of our individual client’s projects, MATECO Drilling offers a variety of drilling methods including hollow stem auger, sonic drilling, direct push, HPT and CPT.

Hollow Stem Auger and Sonic Drilling Include:

Monitoring Well Installation

Extraction Well Installation

Vertical Water Sampling

SVE Wells and Sparge Wells

Well Development, Rehabilitation & Abandonment

Soil & Groundwater Sampling

CMT wells

Over the water drilling capabilities
efficient mobilization capabilities to job sites with rigs and other various utilities needed

Monitoring Well Installations

1-inch through 4-inch Wells

Pre-packed screens

Well development

Well abandonment

Soil vapor gas installations

Extraction Well Installations

Large diameter auger drilling

Pump testing

Pump installation

Piping installation

Well development/rehabilitation

Well screen design

Vertical Water Sampling

SP 100v discrete sonic sampler

Temporary well


Duel or single packers


Soil Boring and Sampling

2″ through 3.5″ splitspoon soil samplers

4x6x8 sonic drilling and sampling

Dual tube soil sampling

Pump-in permeability testing

Rock coring

Minimal footprint sonic drilling
Deep Vertical Aquafer sampling
Deep diverse water sampling pump capabilities

Direct Push Sampling

Besides our Hollow Stem Auger and Air/Mud Rotary Sonic drilling rigs, MATECO Drilling offers a complete array of direct push sampling services utilizing our Geoprobe drilling rigs. Specifically designed for environmental drilling, our direct push services are ideal for soil borings, groundwater sampling and monitor well installation.

Water Sampling

Screen point 16 or 22

Slotted rod

Temp well

Peristaltic pump

Mechanical bladder pump

Soil Sampling

MC 5


Dual tube

Soil gas sampling and implants



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