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pushing the HPT (Hydraulic Profiling Tool)

MATECO Drilling is committed to providing our clients with the most accurate tools for your site investigations.  The Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT) allows the user to create fast, continuous, real-time profiles of soil hydraulic properties in both fine- and coarse-grained material. The HPT uses a downhole transducer to measure the pressure response of the soil to injection of water at a constant rate while automatically measuring the resulting formation pressure with depth. One primary use of this tool is to locate and define migration pathways for contaminants.  It can also be used to target zones for injection of remediation material. In addition, the HPT can be used to select well screen intervals, conduct hydraulic conductivity tests in unconsolidated soil, and measure static water conditions across a site.

Hydraulic Profiling Tool diagram, labeled

Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT) Features

Real- time profiling of soil hydraulic properties

Use in fine and coarse grain material

Use in saturated and unsaturated conditions

Built to withstand percussion driving

Provides a simultaneous log of electrical conductivity (EC)

Transducer measures pressure response of soil to injection of water

Data is stored on the field instrument for future analysis

Hydraulic profiling tool
Hydraulic profiling tool results

Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT) Benefits

Select well screen intervals

Establish hydraulic conductivity of groundwater on site

Measure static groundwater elevations across the site

Target zones for injection of remediation material

Evaluate properties of unconsolidated materials

Examine the electrical conductivity of soil

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