MATECO – Geotechnical and Environmental DRILLING


Dale R. Elliott


President since 1998 of MATECO Drilling Company, Vice President since 1990. Prior to 1990, Mr. Elliott was Manager of the Firm and was assigned difficult projects as a Crew Chief. This experience has been critical to the development of technical drilling expertise within the Firm. Mr. Elliott has experience in bid negotiations and management of large environmental projects, geotechnical projects, and landfill investigations. Mr. Elliott has managed and supervised a hazardous waste proposed landfill requiring 22,000 lineal feet of soils drilling and setting of over 200 monitoring wells. Mr. Elliott is involved with critical geotechnical drilling and sampling projects that include bridges, highways, and dams. He is also involved in critical decisions on purchases of equipment. Mr. Elliott has expertise in the use of technical soil and rock sampling equipment used to drill difficult projects.

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